A Different & Better Marketing Firm Equipped for a Wide Range of Challenges​

  • Flat sales for the last several years
  • Daily priorities prevent you from doing long-term strategic planning
  • A key competitor catches you by surprise
  • You’re a start-up with an innovative product, but not sure how to market it

Sales Growth & Competion

  • Your company acquires a business and needs to change the name
  • You want to establish thought leadership, but lack the expertise to write white papers
  • You have the buy-in for more digital, but don’t know how to prioritize the projects
  • Your branding needs modernizing

Brand Management

brand management


sales growth & competition

  • You want to re-vitalize your new product pipeline
  • You’ve been promoted from engineering or sales into product management, but are not sure where to start 
  • Your sales reps and customers have trouble specifying your products
  • Distributors or re-sellers lack loyalty in promoting your products
  • Sales leads need qualification and follow up before giving them to reps
  • CRM system usage is below expectations
  • Sales reps and channel partners lack the skills to sell your products

Thanks to 25+ years of experience

​and a network of experts

The Broadband Marketing Group has the breadth of experience to quickly understand your industry, markets  and company.  We’ve risen to a wide variety of marketing opportunities and delivered positive results.

Tell us about your marketing challenges.  We’ll provide a free no-obligation proposal to drive your business forward.   

Sales Channel Performance

Established with client feedback and run by former clients, the Broadband Marketing Group is more than a consulting firm or advertising agency.  We provide a comprehensive suite of business-to-business marketing services to deliver the best solution without any bias. 

Our 25+ years of agency- and client-side marketing experience, plus extended team of marketing specialists, give the Broadband Marketing Group the bandwidth to tackle most B2B marketing challenges.

product innovation

sales channel performance

Product Innovation