And discovered the opportunity for a different & better marketing firm

When we established the Broadband Marketing Group, we walked our own talk and started with the customer.  We conducted in-depth interviews with prospective B2B clients and compared marketing services.  We then built the Broadband Marketing Group based on what we learned.

Before Launching the Business, We Started With You--Our Clients

And discovered the opportunity for a different & better marketing firm

At the end of our homework, we found that the Broadband Marketing Group concept resonates with today’s B2B marketing clients.  As a result, the Broadband Marketing Group was founded.

If you think the Broadband Marketing Group aligns with your marketing challenges or opportunities, feel free to contact us.  We would enjoy learning about them and providing you with a free no-obligation proposal.

Key Learning
BMG Implication
Client bandwidths are constrained.  Priorities are slipping.  However, clients cannot add headcount
Bolt onto client marketing departments when and where they need it to drive more completed projects
Clients need help with a variety of challenges—white papers, channel   partner programs, name changes and new product development—to mention a few examples
Structure the business to support clients across all elements of the marketing mix.  Save them time in searching for specialists in each marketing discipline
Many ad agency and other marketing specialist employees have limited client-side experience
Provide client-experienced marketing expertise to work more effectively and efficiently with companies
Some client-relationships lack continuity.  The client starts with an account person, and then is handed-off to a new individual or company
Stay involved and accountable throughout the marketing process from project scope to program execution and measurement
The Business-to-Business clients under-served in the marketing services industry
Specialize in B2B marketing to give clients the attention and resources they deserve


Key Learning                                                                                          BMG Implication

Before Launching the Business,
We Started With You—Our Clients