Client Challenge
BMG Service
BMG Deliverables

Marcom projects are executed without strategic intent

The best marcom mix & ROI are not known

Integrated Marketing


• Market segmentation
• Purchase process & touchpoints
• Competitive branding landscape
• Marcom objectives
• Target definition & positioning
• Audience messaging
• Touchpoint strategy, tactics & goals
• Budget
• Work plan

Branding lacks cohesiveness across markets and geographies

Competitor branding appears modern & resonates with


Brand Positioning

• Segmentation & customer personas
• Customer brand perceptions
• Competitive branding landscape
• 4-5 brand positioning concepts
• Final brand position & execution
• Brand guidelines

Manydigital marketing opportunities exist, but you’re not

sure where to start

Digital Marketing


• User segments & personas
• Competitive digital landscape
• Digital marketing end-game & roadmap
• Work plan
• Project management (optional)

The company’s web site lacks functionality and appears outdated

E-commerce is a new channel opportunity to drive sales growth

Competition has a greater web presence

Web Sites & Social Media

• Competitive web landscape
• User requirements & experience (UX)
• Web development & hosting
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Web advertising strategy & execution
• E-marketing campaigns
• Social media strategy & execution

You want to establish thought leadership, but don’t have the

bandwidth or expertise

Technical Content

• White papers
• Blogs
• Customer newsletters
• User & instruction manuals

An acquired business’ brand needs transitioning to the

parent company

Name Changes

• Change management workshop
• Target audiences & messaging
• Branding touchpoint identification
• Project plan & budget
• Project execution

Your team lacks the bandwidth to tackle a new catalog and

update other collateral

Sales Literature

• Catalogs
• Brochures & sell sheets
• PowerPoint presentations
• Literature & sample fulfillment

Competition has a greater market presence than your brand

You’re not sure how much to invest in paid media and how to

track ROI

Media Planning & Buying

• Customer touchpoint identification
• Competitive media landscape
• Media strategy, tactics & goals
• Media budget
• Media negotiations, buys & tracking

Tradeshow booth traffic was lower last year and needs


The tradeshow booth is outdated and inconsistent with the

overall brand

Tradeshow Booth Design

• Tradeshow visitor expectations
• Competitive booth landscape
• Tradeshow booth objectives, target market,

   position, touchpoints & messaging
• 2-3 tradeshow booth concepts
• Final booth design

Employees don’t know the company’s direction

Employees feel under-appreciated



• Employee focus groups & survey
• Employee communications plan
• Employee newsletters
• Employee meetings & events

Competition gets more media coverage

You have news to share with the market, but limited bandwidth

to execute

Public Relations

• PR landscape
• PR plan
• Viral marketing
• Press releases
• Crisis management plan

Your business is growing, but don’t have the staff to organize

and run a major event

Special Events &


• Seminars
• Customer appreciation events
• Sales meetings


Marketing Communications


Client Challenge                                                               BMG Service                  BMG Deliverables

Many good ad agencies and promotion firms exist in today’s marketing services industry.  If you have marketing relationships that are working well, great!  As former clients, we appreciate them and respect keeping them in place.

However, if something’s not going right or you have a void that no one can fill, the Marketing Communications services of the Broadband Marketing Group are designed to step in and assist you.  We have the know-how and network of marcom experts to immediately dig into your projects and execute them—large or small.

The BMG deliverables list provides a sense for what you get with our Marketing Communication services.  However, because each Marketing Communication challenge is unique, the Broadband Marketing Group adapts its deliverables to every client.

If you think there’s a fit, be sure to contact the Broadband Marketing Group today.  We would enjoy learning about your Marketing Communication opportunities and providing a free no-obligation proposal.