who established the broadband marketing group?

Paul Landgraf


Broadband Marketing Group


Broadband Marketing Group founder, Paul Landgraf, provides clients with 20 years of marketing experience at industry-leading companies such as Pentair and Andersen Windows and 11 years at Campbell Mithun Advertising.

He has a Master’s Degree in Brand Advertising Management from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

During his free time, Paul enjoys his family, training for triathlons and helping children.



“Most people would say that I’m passionate about a winning strategy that’s grounded in the market.  One can never go wrong knowing the target customer intimately and establishing a unique market position.

I’ve also learned that execution and change management are as important as a sound plan.  New products and sales programs are all well-intended.  However, many of them fail because the manufacturing and sales teams are not involved.  Implementation can kill a good strategy.

Successful marketing depends on clear direction, stakeholder collaboration and flawless follow-through.”