Client Challenge​

BMG Service

BMG Deliverables

Customer purchase drivers and process are currently unknown

Market requirements for a new product need establishing


• Market research project scope
• In-depth customer interviews and/or
• Quantitative surveys
• Data analysis
• Report with client implications

Competition launched a new product, and you need to respond

New product ideas exist, but you’re not sure how to pick

the best one

New Product


• Growth market prioritization
• Target market immersion
• Concept generation & prioritization
• Market requirements
• Sales forecast & business case
• New product development process
    (tailored to client needs)

You have a new product, and it now requires a name

Product Naming

• Market naming landscape
• Naming strategy
• 4-5 naming concepts
• Trademark searches
• Final name selection
• Logo development
• Trademark registration
    (tailored to client needs)

You have a new product that must look as attractive or

better than competition

Industrial Design

• Market design landscape
• Design strategy
• 3-5 product design concepts
• Design manufacturability
• Estimated design cost
• Final design selection

You have a new product that needs market introduction,

but you don’t have the time or resources to launch it

You’ve launched new products in the past, but they’ve not

met sales goals

Market Launches

• Launch planning workshop
• Market launch plan including:
    - New product target market & position
    - Touchpoint strategy & tactics
    - Creative launch concepts & selection
    - Marketing budget
    - Project plan•Sales forecast (optional)
• New product training program (optional)
• Project execution (optional)

You’re new to product management and need to develop

a portfolio plan

You don’t have the time and resource to do a product

portfolio plan

Portfolio Planning

• Portfolio plan template
• Market & portfolio analysis
• Portfolio team workshop (optional)
• Portfolio objectives
• Product portfolio strategies & tactics
• Sales forecast
• Investments, returns, budgets
• Execution plan

Customer orders vary widely, making it difficult to do

financial, inventory and operations planning

Sales team forecasts differ significantly from actual

revenue performance

Sales Forecasting

• Market & internal data landscape
• Forecasting strategy—leading indicator, bottoms-up
• Sales forecasting tool & process design
• Sales forecast reports
• Sales Operations Planning (SOP) process
    (tailored to client needs)

Sales reps and customers have trouble specifying

your products

The current product specification process is highly

manual and expensive

Competition introduced a product selection app, and

you need to respond

Product Selection

Software & Apps

• Product specification process map
• Product database development (optional)
• User experience requirements
• Wireframes & user input
• Software coding
• Software graphic design
• Beta testing & adjustments
• Software launch plan & materials
• Software training (optional)

Your team is new to product management and requires


You want to establish a consistent best-practice approach

to your product management team

Product Management


• Learning assessment
• Training design—3P seminars vs. in-house workshop

   vs. lunch & learns
• Training execution, including workbooks & templates
• Individual coaching
    (tailored to client needs)

Client Challenge                                                           BMG Service           BMG Deliverables

If you’re like many product managers, you spend much of your day answering sales rep questions, responding to special product requests, and conducting product training.  There’s never enough time to generate new product ideas, prepare for the next market launch, or develop a product training program so that sales reps can help themselves.

If these challenges sound familiar, then our Product Management services are a match for you.  They’re designed as an extension to your Product Management capabilities.  We have the product management track record to immediately dig into your projects—large or small—and deliver results.

The BMG deliverables list provides a sense for what you get with our Product Management services.  However, because each Product Management challenge is unique, the Broadband Marketing Group adapts its deliverables to every client.

If you think there’s a fit, be sure to contact the Broadband Marketing Group today.  We would enjoy learning about your Product Management opportunities and providing a free no-obligation proposal.

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