Every day, all eyes are on sales and customer service to bring home the orders.  With all the pressure on closing day-to-day business, there never seems to be enough time to strategically manage the sales team, make sure the right structure and incentives are in place, write the sales newsletter, and properly plan the next sales meeting.

If these challenges sound familiar, then our Sales Channel Programs may be a good a match for you.  They’re designed to bolt onto your sales department and assist you.  We have the proven experience to immediately dig into sales strategy and operations projects—large or small—to deliver positive results.

Sales Channel Programs

Client Challenge                                                               BMG Service             BMG Deliverables

Client Challenge                                                           BMG Service           BMG Deliverables

sales channel

The BMG deliverables list provides a sense for what you get with our Sales Channel services.  However, because each Sales Channel challenge is unique, the Broadband Marketing Group adapts its deliverables to every client.

If you think there’s a fit, be sure to contact the Broadband Marketing Group today.  We would enjoy learning about your Sales Channel opportunities and providing a free no-obligation proposal.


Client Challenge
BMG Service
BMG Deliverables

You have an innovative new product, but are not sure how

to bring it to market

Your current sales channel is fully penetrated, and you need

a new alternative channel to grow

Go-to-Market Strategy

• Market segmentation
• Channel map
• Sales channel objectives & strategy
• Program structure
• Rules of engagement
• Organization & training
• Budget
• Work plan
• Project execution (optional)

Distributors or re-sellers lack loyalty in selling your products

Competition provides channel partners with a program

and you need to respond

Channel Partner


• Channel partner buyer values
• Competitive program landscape
• Program objectives & structure
• Policies, agreements & administration
• Budget
• Work plan
• Project execution (optional)
• Post-launch evaluation

YTD sales are below goal or quota, and you need to incent

the sales channel

Sales Promotions

& Tools

• Target market interviews
• Sales promotion objectives & design
• Sales promotion launch plan & execution
• Tracking & post-launch evaluation

Customer leads need qualification and follow up before giving

them to sales reps

Lead Qualification &


• Target customer definition
• Lead qualification & follow-up process
• Budget estimate
• Process implementation
• Program tracking & evaluation

Sales reps and channel partners lack the skills to sell your


Product Sales


• Learning assessment
• Training design—objectives, on-line vs. in-person,

   gaming, reward/recognition
• Program positioning & content creation
• Program launch plan & execution
• Testing & tracking system
• Training implementation

CRM system usage is below expectations

Management is blind to the sales funnel and future customer


The current CRM process is manual.  Sales leads are falling

through the cracks

CRM Systems

• Sales team interviews & report out
• User personas & requirements
• System & developer selection
• Business case
• Project management structure & process
• System development & beta testing
• Change management & launch plan
• System training & tracking

The sales team is consistently missing its revenue targets. 

You’re not sure of the cause and how to fix it

Sales Process


• Sales performance assessment & report
• Sales strategy opportunities
• Sales structure & management improvements
• Sales operations enhancements
• Project execution

The sales team needs to get aligned, trained and motivated, but

you don’t have the staff to organize and run a major sales meeting

Sales Meetings

• Meeting objectives, strategy & agenda
• Venue selection & contracting
• Invitations & participation tracking
• Presenter / trainer content management
• Team-building event plan
• On-site coordination
• Post-meeting evaluation