The BMG deliverables list provides a sense for what you get with our Strategic Marketing services.  However, because each Strategic Marketing challenge is unique, the Broadband Marketing Group adapts its deliverables to every client. 

If you think there’s a fit, be sure to contact the Broadband Marketing Group today.  We would enjoy learning about your Strategic Marketing opportunities and providing a free no-obligation proposal.

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strategic marketing

Today’s B2B marketing clients feel time pressured, fight day-to-day fires and complete only their top-most priorities.  There’s never enough bandwidth to explore new markets, fully understand the reasons for below-expectation growth or develop long-term strategic plans. 

The Broadband Marketing Group offers Strategic Marketing services designed to bolt onto your marketing department and assist you.  We have the proven experience to immediately dig into projects—large or small.

Strategic Marketing

Client Challenge
BMG Service
BMG Deliverables

Current market analysis is outdated & needs refreshing.

Not enough time to explore new markets.

Industry & Market Analysis

• Overall sales, volume, growth, margins
• Key customer buyer values
• Competitive landscape
• Channel structure
• Key trends
• Client implications

Understanding of customers is not clear. 
Can’t describe the ideal customer.

Sales reps chase business the company does not want.

Market Segmentation

• Overall market definition
• Types of customers
• Key purchase drivers
• Company & buyer profiles
• Segment size & penetration
• Report with client implications

Competition launched a string of new products & programs. 

You want to learn their direction and respond.

Your product manager doesn’t have the time to compare

competitor products to your new product.

Competitive Comparisons

& Insights

• Product portfolio comparisons
• Price point comparison
• Sales & marketing comparison
• Operational & financial comparison
• Competitor strategic direction
• Report with client implications
    (scalable to client needs)

Your company has experienced flat sales the last several

years, and you’re not sure of the causes.

Stalled Growth Assessment

• Sales root cause template
• Data analysis
• Stakeholder interviews
• Root cause workshops
• Key issues & counter measures
• Project plan
• Project execution (optional)

Many market opportunities for growth exist, and you need

to prioritize them.

The strategic plan is outdated, and no one has the time to

update it.

You’re a start-up business with an innovative product,

but not sure how to market it.

Strategic Planning

• Situation overview (SWOTs, trends)
• Business & marketing objectives
• Growth market prioritization
• Organic & inorganic participation
• Target market & positioning
• Product portfolio strategy & tactics
• Sales channel strategy & tactics
• Brand marcom strategy & tactics
• Investments, returns, budgets
• Execution plan

Your strategic plans are clear and communicated,

but your company has trouble executing them.

Organizational Execution

• Root cause analysis & workshop
• Management operating system
• Change management workshop
• Action plans
• Project execution (optional)
   (customized to client needs)

You see the opportunity to grow through a strategic

partnership or acquisition, but don’t have the time

and/or approach.

Strategic Partnerships | M&A

• Inorganic growth market prioritization
• Target company identification
• Target company business development
• Relationship framework
• Marketing due diligence
• Post-M&A marketing integration
   (customized to client needs)