why work with the broadband marketing group?


6. No project is too big or too small.  From a simple white paper to a new product initiative to strategic growth planning, we scale up or down to your exact needs.

7. Founder, Paul Landgraf, provides clients with 20 years of marketing insights from leading B2B companies such as Pentair and Andersen Windows as well as 11 years at Campbell Mithun Advertising.

8. You receive complete relationship continuity for the life of your marketing project.  There are no hand-offs to junior staff or people you didn’t expect.

9.  We are a virtual marketing firm.  So there are no major overhead costs which keeps our fees reasonable.

10.We offer a Client Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied at the end of your project, we will work up to 50 hours in unbillable time to make it right.

1.  Established with client input and run by former clients, we  know how to effectively and efficiently work with you.

2.  Our thorough marketing performance assessment and understanding of your business uncover the real root causes of your B2B marketing challenges.

3.  We take an unbiased approach to recommending the right marketing  solution for your business.  We have no predisposition toward advertising, sales promotions or other marketing solutions.

4.  Unlike consultants, we execute projects for you.  In fact, change  management and implementation are key, if not more critical than a perfect strategy.

5.  When marketing competencies and skills don’t reside in-house, we tap into our network of marketing experts to bring you the best resources to work on your project.